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Which mountains are covered for the three peaks challenge?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

The three mountains are: Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,344m), Scafell Pike in England (978m) and Snowdonia in Wales (1,130m).

When do you organize the Three Peaks Challenge?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

Our first Three Peaks challenge starts in April every year and runs until October of the same year. These are the safest and most enjoyable months of the year to participate in the Three Peaks challenge. Depending on how you would like to do your challenge we will organize the event for the exact day and month which works best for you.

How much does it cost?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

Please take at look at our prices page to decide which option is best for you. Generally speaking, the larger the group the less it will cost per person.

How hard is the Three Peaks Challenge?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

It's pretty hard. Your experience is dictated by your fitness levels and your ability to sleep on the coach between mountains. Sleep deprivation plays a significant role in your performance on the day. Our buses have reclining seats with modern air conditioning to support your journey.

What training should be done beforehand?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

As part of working with Get Peaked we personally tailor each individual on your team with a professional training program. Our team are industry leaders in personal training, specialising in mountain strength and conditioning for optimal performance. Please view our accreditations at Prestige Fitness

Do I need to do it for charity?
Three Peaks challenge faqs

This is entirely up to you, but there's no reason why not. If you can't think of a charity that has a personal meaning to you, you might want to look for a small, local charity. This way you'll be helping your local area and may be able to see the results of your generosity.